Friday, May 8, 2009

My Next Chapter

One of the best aspects of my starting bible college this year is that I'm connecting the dots on so many 'truths' that I've gleaned over the years.

One of the must frustrating aspects of starting bible college this year is the time it zaps from my 'free time', meaning my blog is like our garden and lawn.. neglected.

However, last Wednesday I am thankful that I was be able to share a word that God had excited me about over the last month or so - which kicked off the new "My Next Chapter" series at Westlife.

Here are a few 'highlights' from Wednesday night:

Although there is nothing immediately dramatically different.. often we see indicators everywhere that we’re entering a new season. We know that seasons occur as much in our spiritual lives as our physical lives.

But what does this next chapter look like for you? What is required of you? What is God wanting from you? What is He wanting to do in you? What is God wanting to do for you? What is God wanting to do through you?

God has a purpose for the next chapter of your life and He has planted a seed of what he wants to accomplish in you in this next chapter.

This seed is to bear fruit in your life, and that fruit may mean new levels of influence, or new financial prosperity. For some it may mean a new skill. For others it may mean a maturing in specific area, or a strengthening in an area, or an increase in the fruits of the spirit.

The bible is clear that the seed will grow provided it is given the right conditions. That is where our responsibility kicks in.

The parable of the sower provides 3 ways in which we can sabotage that growth:

1. Shallow soil

2. Rocky Soil

3. Hard soil

Stay tuned to the blog to look at what these soils mean, and how we can make sure we don't cut off God's awesome work in our lives.

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