Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Grander Vision Living - A Recap - Part 2

Grander Vision living not only sees people as a priority, but we focus on the potential in people.

We focus on their potential and look past their flaws, because that's what Christ did for us. Our view of others is no longer where they are right now, but what their lives would be like if they let Christ into their life.

We can't do that if we have judgmental thoughts or superior attitudes.

We are to treat others with the same standard that God treated us. John Maxwell says the standard is this: "God loves us just as we are, not as we would like to be, or as we appear to be, but just as we are"

Our job is not to point out their flaws, but just point them to Christ.

Chuck Swindoll sums it up nicely when he says, "Our job is not to clean the fishtank.. just fish"

We are to love others, care for others and walk across the room for others - just as they are - and focus on their potential.

I love this picture by John Ortbert:

It reinforces the point that we can't take our 'stuff' with us to heaven. But there is something we can take with us.. People!

People are the only thing we’ll be taking to heaven. This world is temporary – it’s people are not.

Imagine going to heaven, and leaving your family behind. What a sad sad thought. Knowing the fleeting nature of life, there is an urgency in our grander vision living.

Walking across the room is not about achieving targets, it's not about ticking boxes, or reaching 'goals'. It's about people, real people, people you and I love, going to heaven. It's all about you and I making an introduction to Christ that will change their life for eternity.

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