Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Grander Vision Living - A Recap - Part 1

For those at Westlife, this week at our Small Groups we'll be looking at "Grander Vision living", yet we shared about this in our Sunday message over a week ago. So I thought I'd blog a bit of a recap.

Grander Vision Living

As many of people know, because I’ve talked about it before, I work for the negligence insurer for lawyers. Every day I hold 2 - 3 workshops with a small group of people and we talk about were claims come from.

I’ve done that workshop around 400 times.. the same message, the same facts!

But my job is not aimed at running workshops – that is not the objective. My job is all about saving claims.

You see, if my focus becomes nothing more than running workshops, then I miss the entire point of why I’m doing it. My motivation and job satisfaction will wane and dwindle because the goal of running a workshop has been achieved over and over and over.

My goal of saving claims - this is the bigger picture – and each workshop, each interraction, is a step in achieving that bigger goal.

It is no different for "Just walk across the room".

Our goal is not to strike up a conversation with a friend. Our goal is not to have the dinner party of the century, or the most amazing fishing trip .. Our goal is the bigger picture. Our goal is to see lives come to Christ through all these individual steps.

That is grander vision living.

Developing friends, sharing your story, sharing God’s story aren’t just another thing on your to-do list.. Grander vision living infiltrates your entire to-do list.

Everything we do now is done within a framework of ‘this person would be better off with Christ”

People become our focus!

How we treat people is aligned with our Grander vision living.

How we behave towards others is either a magnet, or detraction to them every coming to Christ.

If we’re feeling out of sorts, if we’re having a bad day, if the person beside us is driving us crazy.. will our response reflect our knowledge that we could be the one to lead this person to Christ.

Here is a video where they didn't respond so well:

Are we a magnet or a detraction?

I want Christians to be the best employees, the nicest customers, the best tradesmen... not the worst.

Now, I’m not suggesting you do this.. but imagine you wore a badge everywhere that said ‘I’m a Christian’.. how would that affect what you do, or how you do it?

If we’re going to move into having chats about Christ, then we need to live life as if we’re wearing the ‘I’m a Christian’ badge.. drive like there’s a fish sticker on our car..

Like the old saying ‘Preaching the gospel often, and occasionally use words”

Grander Vision living knows that People are our priority.

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