Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We are living in Exponential Times

This youtube clip is mind-boggling! Make sure you watch it all the way to the end.

Credit to Mark Beeson's blog, as I saw this clip on his blog.

This just raises so many thoughts in my head on how unfathomable is God's power, knowledge and wisdom (compared to human intelligence); and How awesome that He knows each of us by name and has numbered the hairs on our head!

It also makes my creative side start firing with ideas of new ways to reach, new methods of connection, and new workshop ideas on technology so people don't feel left behind.

Perhaps we could all follow Ps Andrew and Ps Jill on twitter? Perhaps we could start loading our messages on podcasts or vodcasts? Perhaps we could all become fans of Westlife on Facebook? Perhaps we could have our own program that fires out a devotion each day by email/blog that ties in with the relevant theme (eg Just walk across the room)..!

I realise all of this takes time and money, but I believe there are Westlifers out there that would relish the opportunity to serve in this area. We also then create opportunities to serve in non-traditional areas and keep our technology savvy generation 'tucked-in'

Finally, I think about the new igeneration (see an article here on this new generation class) who do not remember life without the internet. How can we best position them for an unleashed future!

Growing up, I spent many hours on my father's computer, and have enjoyed the benefits personally and professionally - over and over and over. With proper supervision, I let Bailey and Reuben have computer time because nothing beats exposure to technology to improve skills and knowledge in this area.

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Melanie Hunt said...

Yet again your blogs of the last few days are thought provoking, challenging and practical. Lots of great ideas here, I believe it is a great way of reaching and connecting with people. Count me in with learning more about these areas.