Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Valentines Day Plant

I'm not really one for Valentines day because I can't understand why I should show greater expression of my love on a day someone else chooses for me, so I can be charged triple on the basis of supply and demand. Kill joy I know!

BUT if I were to be a part of it, I think a plant is a gift I would choose, not flowers.

A plant is like the relationship being celebrated. If you tend to it and water it, it will grow and give back more.

If you just enjoy it and never sustain it, it will start to wither and eventually not be there any more.

A plant is a visual reminder to keep tending to and watering the plant and the relationship, even if it seems healthy today.

Nurturing a healthy plant today means you will also have a healthy plant tomorrow.

Of course, my plant of choice would have fruit or flowers though!

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