Monday, October 13, 2008

Cliches We love to hate (Courier Mail)

I wonder if cliches are a necessary evil. This courier mail article reports on a survey being taken of the cliches we love to hate. A favourite in church circles is "Let's unpack this"

The problem with trying to eradicate annoying cliches is that we all know what they mean, and so we'd probably end up replacing them with another cliche!

At the end of the day - I think cliches are here to stay. :)

See this article from the Courier Mail:

NEXT time you're at the pub and hear a glass smash, try to resist the urge to call out "taxi!"

If you want to catch up with a work contact, suggest something other than "let's do lunch".

And whatever you do, don't phone someone to "touch base".

That's the verdict of fed-up Australians, who have voted on the most overused and hated phrases in a nationwide survey.

Social researcher Mark McCrindle found politicians, workmates and teenagers the worst cliche offenders.

When it came to political speak, the saying, "I'm not ruling anything out" was the most despised.

But overall, the phrase "at the end of the day" was the most irritating in the English language.


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