Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ways to improve your E-mail Body Language

From Priority Learning Link

The e-mail messages you send may be saying a lot more about you than you realize. They provide a window into your workplace status, work habits, stress levels and even your personality. Here are some pointers to consider:

  1. Never use e-mail to 'let off steam'. Save your immediate wrath or criticism for face-to-face meetings or to the phone. Better to take a deep breath, go and get a coffee and wait a day. Delays will help you preserve relationships and demonstrate emotional maturity.

  2. Set a ' 5 or 10 minute don't send rule' for most e-mail. Instead, save them in your 'drafts' folder-you'll be surprised how given a five minute lapse you will be able to retract a poorly written message or reconsider your response to something important.

  3. It's OK to inject some humor into your messages, but frequent ‘emoticons’, 'chain' jokes/pictures and smiley faces say that you are underemployed and not to be taken seriously.

  4. Language matters! Use spell-check and your thesaurus. Mangled sentences and typos make you appear careless or even just plain ignorant.

  5. Be considerate, polite and brief in all messaging: trim dangling threads; eschew unnecessary attachments, signature graphics, run-on disclaimers, device identifiers, html coding, cute quotes and icons - especially dancing icons.

  6. Dnt ovr abbrvt.

  7. Don't cry wolf with alert levels.

  8. Use cc with restraint.

  9. When sending an E-mail to a long recipient list, code as group address for brevity and privacy.


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