Friday, August 22, 2008

One of the greatest lies of the enemy

No doubt most have heard about Mike Guglielmucci. It is such a sad situation.

This reminds me of a podcast by Greg Laurie on Sampson.

The core of the message was that one of the greatest tricks of the enemy is to suspend consequences.

Suspending consequences happens when you do something wrong - and get away with it. No one finds out. No one is ever going to find out. At this point, there is a greater temptation to do it again.. because you believe you can get away with it.

Perhaps that's how it started with Mike. I read in a blog by someone in his church (not sure how true) that he had a history of 'illnesss' that he was healed of. He had a smaller illness, received lots of attention and then was 'healed'. Maybe he got away with it. My personal view is I don't think this dilemma would have started with 'cancer'. I think there would have been smaller deceptions previously.

The problem with suspended consequences is that the consequence will ultimately come... and usually with much pain, and with greater severity. We see this time and time again - indescretions uncovered at local and global levels.

If you are currently sinning and have gotten away with it - STOP IT NOW. Don't fall for the lie that you can get away with it. Repent and confess. Satan is setting you up for great pain and your destruction.

His aim is to steal, kill and destroy. Don't let him become your undoing.

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